Drumbeat X
Historical Miniature Game Day

Saturday February 4th 2017

Current PEL
The drums are beating, bugles are blaring, and bayonets are flashing,
which can only mean it is time to march out the troops for some good ole gaming!

  The 2017 Drumbeat historical miniature game day will once again be held at the Lake City Community Center from 8am to 5pm. The community center is an excellent space for gaming, with plenty of light, tables and chairs all of which make for an ideal day of gaming. A small $10 donation is requested for those attending.

Lake City Community Center
12531 28th Ave, Seattle, WA 98125
Phone (206) 362-4378


Flea Market Tables
There will also be flea market tables available for those interested in selling some old miniatures and rules. The cost is 10% of your sales, taken at the time of the transaction.


Gaming Tables
The basic gaming table is 8’ x 6’ (two 8’ x 3’ tables put together), but there are smaller tables (6’ x 3’) that you can use to create a smaller or larger area, such as for a 6’ x 9’ table for example.


Open Gaming
There are open tables for anyone who just wants to bring their miniatures, terrain and rules to game. So if the weekend opens up for you at the last minute, do not hesitate to bring your game and we'll find a spot for you!


Contact Information
If you need more information, please contact Dick Larsen at larsend130@gmail.com or Bill Stewart at stewartwt@gmail.com

2017 Preliminary Events Listing

Morning Games
Afternoon Games
Rules: Quetzalcoatl Rampant
Figures: 28mm Aztecs and Conquistadors Miniatures
Period: 16th-century Spanish Conquest of Mexico
Kevin and Dave will be running their Lion Rampant variant, Quetzalcoatl Rampant. This is a small unit Aztecs and Conquistadors skirmish game, with enough space for 6 players.
Rules: Sharps Practice 2
Figures: 28mm Patriots vs British Miniatures
Period: American Revolution War
Mitch Berdinka will be running a SP2 game where Tarleton's Legion try to drive off some pesky Rebels. Room for up to 6 players.
Rules: Black Ops
Figures: 28mm 1960’s Spy Miniatures
Period: 1960’s Espionage
Chris will be running “Where the Spies Gather”. Room for up to 6 players.
Rules: Loose Files & American Scramble
Figures: 28mm miniatures
Period: AWI
Wes will be running The battle of Eutaw Springs. The scenario supposes that the British managed to avoid having 400 or so foragers captured just before the battle. Room for up to 5 players.
Rules: The Pikeman's Lament
Figures: 28mm Pike & Shotte Miniatures
Period: 17th Century
Doug will be running a small company skirmish game suing the new The Pikeman's Lament rules from Osprey Publishing. The game will have enough space for six players.
Rules: All Quiet on the Martian Front
Figures: 18mm Sci-Fi Miniatures
Period: WW1 Sci-Fi
Dale will be running an All Quiet on the Martian Front game, with enough space for 6 players.
Rules: Lion Rampant
Figures: 28mm 100YW Miniatures
Period: Hundred Years War
Darin and Kevin will be running a Lion Rampant 100YW skirmish game, with enough space for 6 players.
Rules: Modern Ops
Figures: 28mm Modern Miniatures
Period: 1993 Somali
Jerry and Bill are running a rescue scenario set in Mogadishu Somali. Room for 4- 6 players.
Rules: Check Your 6!
Figures: 6mm WW2 Miniatures
Period: 1942 Pacific War
The Fabulous Five Minutes” June 4 th 1942.  Dive bombers from the USS Enterprise spot the IJN Kaga and are close to their push over point to begin their dive bombing attacks.  Can the regrouping Japanese CAP intercept in time or will the uncoordinated Wildcat escorts arrive in time to protect the vulnerable Dauntless’ s?  Room for up to 6 players.